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Specializing in New Construction and Custom Remodels


Many plumbing companies claim to specialize in everything from Service and Repair to New Construction and Remodels.

Many people don't realize New Construction Plumbing is not the same as service work.  Hub Plumbing Co. is dedicated to

providing high quality plumbing services, specializing in new construction and remodeling.  We are a family owned business, 

with the owner on every job, which insures our commitment.  We are large enough to handle your projects in a timely 

efficient manner and yet small enough to provide reliable personal service. With over 60 years in business you can be

 assured of adherence to the Indiana Plumbing Code as well as a timely professional schedule.  We always use top 

quality fixtures and parts and strive to do the job right the first time. We are honest, hard working and take pride in

 our work. Our Company would welcome an opportunity to bid on your projects  and would be honored to do business with you.

        Hub Plumbing Specializes In:

Multi-head Shower Systems

ThermaSol Steam Showers
Whirlpool / Air Tubs
Shower Enclosures
Vessel & Custom Sinks
Water Heaters & Tankless Water Heaters
Galvanized to Copper
Water Pipe Replacement
Radiant Floor Heat
Faucet Installation/Repair
Toilet Installation/Repair
Sump Pump, Ejector Pumps & Back-ups
Gas Line Installation/Repair

 Hub Plumbing for your New Construction.

 If you are a building contractor or architect looking for plumbing system installations that delight your clients, 

and quality installations completed within your schedule, then you need to consider Hub Plumbing Co.  

Hub Plumbing has built an excellent reputation over more than 60 years of providing building contractors 

with plumbing installations for new homes and other major construction work in the Northwest Indiana area. 

Contact us for our trade references, you will pleased with the standard of service and attention to detail that we provide.  

Here are just some of the reasons you should consider Hub Plumbing Co. for your construction team:  


1. Delighted Home Owners

Homes with kitchens and bathrooms that delight their new owners are homes that are going to 

be more valuable, more marketable, and are going to enhance your reputation.  That's why it's

 so important to keep the end home owner in mind for all plumbing installations in your new 

construction and remodeling projects.  
When you choose Hub Plumbing, you know that the interests of your clients are being looked

 after. Hub Plumbing will work to ensure your clients receive the highest standard of plumbing 

 installation in a cost-effective fashion.  


2.  Full and Complete Service

When you contract Hub Plumbing, you know that the job is done.  From start to finish, 

Hub Plumbing will take care of it - you will not be left micro-managing the fine details.


3. On Time and On Budget

 The installation of plumbing are just parts of larger construction projects, which is all the more reason to

 choose the seasoned new construction specialists at Hub Plumbing.  You need contractors that won't 

hold up the rest of the building project and with Hub Plumbing you can be sure you are dealing with the 

plumbing contractors of choice for building companies in the Northwest Indiana area for over Sixty years. 

You can be sure that your plumbing work will be finished on time, and on budget.


4. Quality and Attention to Detail

                                                                                                                                                             Hub Plumbing works to bring the best value for your money to your construction projects with high 

quality materials and a high standard of workmanship.

5.  The Latest Tools & Equipment

 When you demand high quality workmanship and an efficient work rate to get construction projects completed on time, you need contractors like Hub Plumbing that are prepared to invest in the latest tools and equipment.

6.  Great Tradesmen

Hub Plumbing is proud of its workforce and a high proportion of our tradesmen have been with the company for many years.  These long-term relationships are a testament to our faith in their workmanship and attitude.  On-site, you will find our tradesmen hard-working, professional, and great at getting along with other contractors.


7.  A Reputation Second-to-None

Hub Plumbing has specialized in new construction plumbing  installations for over sixty years (with more than twenty years continuous work for some building contractors), and our reputation is second-to-none.  Contact us for our trade references, and see why other project managers, architects and building contractors continue to choose Hub Plumbing Company.

8.  A Pleasure to Deal With

When you are engaged in small or large building projects, choosing contractors that are both friendly and professional can make a big difference - and make your life a lot easier.  Call Hub Plumbing today - and discover why we are already the trusted new construction plumbing contractor in Northwest Indiana.

Call Hub Plumbing Today
If your building projects are in Northwest Indiana area and you would like to discuss how we can help you complete your homes on budget, on schedule and to the highest standard with happy clients, call Hub Plumbing today at 219-663-2243



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